"Thinkin" Music Video – Behind The Scenes

Spiff TV x D’ART Shtajio team up to bring you the Thinkin Music Video ft. Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, and Future.

Nearing almost 3-million views in less than a week, the Thinkin Music Video is a project that immediately enticed, and challenged us as a Studio.
D’ART Shtajio is always looking for projects that creatively challenge us and have a unique story to tell. Bringing each of these stories to life is a journey that starts with a clear vision and is delivered by the drive, passion, and hard work of each individual artist collaborating.
Similarly, Spiff TV has brought together some of the most driven and talented artists in the industry to create something truly unique. An anime-style music video, that combines Hip-Hop and Latin trap while reaching international audiences.

Thinkin Music Video

Future’s post-chorus: “What the hell I was thinkin?” — accurately sets the stage for a night out had by The Union (Spiff, Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, and Future) at the cabaret that quickly gets out of hand. Filled with the drinking, women, and nice foreign cars, the Music Video follows a crazy night out being recapped by Spiff the next day.
During the first meeting between D’ART Shtajio’s CEO Arthell Isom and Spiff, we knew that this project was going to be something that would stand out and push the boundaries by allowing us to tell a familiar tale through the anime medium.

Thinkin Music Video Anime
Working on the Thinkin Music Video

The Official Thinkin Music Video is out now and can be viewed by visiting our Facebook Page. Thinkin is Directed by Arthell Isom and Spiff TV, featuring Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, and Future. The animation was done by D’ART Shtajio, an American owned, Japan-based animation studio committed to bridging the gap between Western and Eastern mediums by finding compelling stories and telling them through traditionally inspired anime.

David Pinter

David Pinter

David Pinter is the Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Business Development at D'ART Shtajio. Former advertising agency business owner turned Chief Marketing Officer, David Pinter thrives in his entrepreneurial approach towards developing new business in the animation industry. Anticipating marketplace change and upcoming trends has allowed Pinter to perpetuate innovation, characterized by his ability to adapt and stay ahead of the curve within a defined industry. The 28-year old entrepreneur has won 3 American Advertising Awards, and 'Judges Choice' for his work in commercial film production and went on to write, produce, and co-create an original anime series 'Indigo Ignited'.Pinter spoke at The University of New Mexico regarding his successful approach to business, entrepreneurship, and the adaptability of skillsets towards an ever-evolving marketplace. Outside of business, Pinter is an avid Martial Artist, holding a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is an active SAG-AFTRA Stunt Performer residing in New Mexico.

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