D’ART Shtajio does not do NFTs

Above is an official post regarding an account pretending to be us to leverage the sales of their NFTs.

Now an official statement regarding NFTs.

We as a company do not create NFTs. We do not sell them, artistically contribute to them, and/or trade them as a company. If anyone is impersonating us online or attempting to solicit you for NFTs, it is not us.

At this current time, we are not assisting projects with NFT creation and likely, if you reach out for your NFT project it will simply be ignored. We are not a brand that does NFT artwork, we are a legitimate company that focuses on animation production in both the commercial and film space(s) respectively. If in the future, we decide to create our own NFT collection it’ll be posted about on our website and/or sent out in a press release but for now, this is not a space (as a company) we’re interested in.

David Pinter

David Pinter

David Pinter is the Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Business Development at D'ART Shtajio. Former advertising agency business owner turned Chief Marketing Officer, David Pinter thrives in his entrepreneurial approach towards developing new business in the animation industry. Anticipating marketplace change and upcoming trends has allowed Pinter to perpetuate innovation, characterized by his ability to adapt and stay ahead of the curve within a defined industry. The 28-year old entrepreneur has won 3 American Advertising Awards, and 'Judges Choice' for his work in commercial film production and went on to write, produce, and co-create an original anime series 'Indigo Ignited'.Pinter spoke at The University of New Mexico regarding his successful approach to business, entrepreneurship, and the adaptability of skillsets towards an ever-evolving marketplace. Outside of business, Pinter is an avid Martial Artist, holding a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is an active SAG-AFTRA Stunt Performer residing in New Mexico.

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