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Jazzelle Zanaughtti transforms in NEW Anime Commercial

by David Pinter

Model Jazzelle Zanaughtti, known by her Instagram Handle as @uglyworldwide debuts as an anime character in the new ASOS Commercial, promoting the 2018 collection.   Anime inspired commercials are becoming a bit of the norm recently, and for good reason; they generate a great response with their vibrant storytelling and limitless fantasy capabilities. Popular brands such as Toyota, Adidas, and even McDonalds have begun using animation as a means to tell elaborate, unrestricted stories, highlighting their brands within the commercial spot. Producing anime commercials isn’t easy, as...

XOGENASYS – Anime Expo Premiere

by David Pinter

The XOGENASYS anime Pilot will be debuting at Anime Expo 2018 on Saturday, July 7th, at 8:00 PM in Room: LACC / Live Programming 4 (411). Following the premiere, creative agency Noir Caesar, alongside D’ART Shtajio’s CEO Arthell Isom will be hosting a panel to discuss future plans, releases, and upcoming news for the XOGenaSYS title.   Anime Expo XOGENASYS Debut   Date: Saturday, July 7 Time: 8:00 PM – 9:15 PM Room: LACC / Live Programming 4 (411)   The XOGenaSYS Pilot Episode follows the story arc of Darius Smith, set before the events in the manga, cente...

“Thinkin” Music Video – Behind The Scenes

by David Pinter

Spiff TV x D’ART Shtajio team up to bring you the Thinkin Music Video ft. Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, and Future. Nearing almost 3-million views in less than a week, the Thinkin Music Video is a project that immediately enticed, and challenged us as a Studio. D’ART Shtajio is always looking for projects that creatively challenge us and have a unique story to tell. Bringing each of these stories to life is a journey that starts with a clear vision and is delivered by the drive, passion, and hard work of each individual artist collaborating. Similarly, Spiff TV has brought together ...

D’ART’s Digital Evolution – Going Paperless w/ Toon Boom Animation

by David Pinter

D’ART Shtajio makes the switch from traditional paper animation to paperless, using Toon Boom’s Animation Software, Harmony, and Storyboard Pro. Innovation understands that everything can be made more efficient, even if it means reinvention. “Reinventing the wheel” is considered to be an idiomatic metaphor because of its ironic nature: reinventing something that has already been proven to be perfectly optimized —and yet, we’re constantly improving upon its first iteration. The human archetype is defined by ingenuity and the constant need to create and make better, which ...

Shtajio? You mean Studio, right? No, Shtajio

by David Pinter

Okay, wait, what?   A 2D Animation Studio, that’s what you are; why not call it what it is?   A studio is a very linear definition of what our company aspires to be, and while an accurate depiction of our services, this is not the core of our company.   D’ART isn’t just a company focused on achieving a linear result, nor are we interested in simply providing animation services without a personalized conviction towards each project. Creatively, we believe that our approach is innovative and with each successful render and pen-stroke, there’s a focus that ultimately de...

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