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About Us



D’ART Shtajio is an American owned 2D animation studio creating authentic Japanese quality anime. Bridging Eastern and Western ideologies by creating diverse stories using the traditional anime art style.


As a 2D animation studio, D’ART Shtajio brings a personalized approach towards each project. We believe in building great relationships with our clients by finding conviction within the foundation of your vision. Your world becomes our world, and we aspire to bring compelling stories to life.


Specializing in creating authentic, high-quality Japanese Anime, D’ART Shtajio uses Toon Boom Animation Software to deliver the highest grade of animation. Creatively, we believe that our approach is innovative and with each successful render and pen-stroke, there’s a focus that ultimately defines our company culture.


Our focus is our responsibility to fulfill an artistic standard that can empower new generations of artists and creators. To inspire the creative collective requires patience, artistic accountability and a greater sense of responsibility as an animation studio, to nurture and develop each artist in their individualized talent field. This is the shared belief that defines our company culture: invest in the foundation and grow the artist from the ground up.


2D animation studio


Achievement, like our Studio, does not have a simplified outline for measurability, but rather a common denominator across the board: The Artist. Beyond being a 2D animation studio, every company focuses on their mission, product, and model… and while each plays an intricate role in making a bigger picture, the employee is the resounding heartbeat of the company.


The word Shtajio is a play on words in both English and Japanese to reflect our commitment towards building a strong foundation centered on our artists. 下地が大事(Shtaji ga daiji): “The Foundation is Important” is the original phrase that we seek to build on while conveying that we are a スタジオ(Sutajio): The Japanese word for Studio. Alternatively, we spell it Shtajio because of the kanji (下地) Shtaji which is used by the background artists here in Japan to mean – the underpainting, or foundation of art.


Shtaji+Sutajio = Shtajio


Our investment in our artists and our dedication towards building them as individuals is the fundamental parallel in which we’ve built our animation services across the board. Investment in the Foundation seeds our deep belief in building from the ground up.


We’re not just a Studio, We’re a Shtajio.

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