Founded in 2016 by brothers, Arthell and Darnell Isom, D’ART Shtajio sought to revolutionize the Japanese anime industry by introducing Westernized elements of art and storytelling to the Japanese standard of animation.

The word Shtajio is a play on words in both English and Japanese to reflect our commitment towards building a strong foundation centered on our artists and clients. 下地が大事(Shtaji ga daiji): “The Foundation is Important” is the original phrase that we seek to build on while conveying that we are a スタジオ(Sutajio): The Japanese word for Studio. Alternatively, we spell it Shtajio because of the kanji (下地) Shtaji which is used by the background artists here in Japan to mean – the underpainting, or foundation of art. Shtaji+Sutajio = Shtajio

Satisfied Clients

What clients say


D’ART SHTAJIO brings a personalized approach towards each project. We believe in building great relationships with our clients by finding conviction within the foundation of your vision. Your world becomes our world, and we aspire to bring compelling stories to life.


CONCEPT & PLANNINGWe work with you to map out and understand your overall vision for the animated project. We’ll offer changes, suggestions, and insight into the animation process in order to have clear expectations and a timely delivery.
PRODUCTIONOur talented team of specialists will work hard during this process to deliver the highest quality animation. Starting with Character Designs, and finishing with Compositing, we’ll diligently work to construct an animation you’re happy with.
DELIVERYA timely delivery is of the utmost importance to us because we understand you’re in the business of making more business. At D’ART Shtajio, we will work day and night to ensure your project is delivered on time, every time.