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About Us

A 2D Animation Shtajio formed on the precipice of innovation, D'ART maintains an artistic integrity that defines our company culture.

Born in America, Refined in Japan, D'ART has global aspirations to bring an original Japanese Quality art style that bridges the ideologies between Eastern and Western Storytelling.

Our Passion is a reflection of our desire to create the very best stories, using the very best craftsmanship.

Let us tell your story.

Why D'ART?

D’ART is a movement, a conviction based foundation to empower a new generation of artists and creators; helping them realize their vision to the fullest capacity. Carefully tailored skill sets and an innovative approach is what sets D’ART apart from the rest.

We believe our company's core is the culmination of fundamentals and artistic integrity used to expand and pave a new diverse path within our field.

下地が大事 ( Shtaji ga daiji ): “The Foundation is Important”

We’re not a Studio, we’re a Shtajio.

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